The Best Yoga Swings to Get You Started With Aerial Yoga

An aerial workout using a yoga swing has a potential of extending your body boundaries. This experience is no longer dependent on signing up to special studios. You can start and enjoy it anytime in the comfort of your own home.

With the proper gear, you can set up your personal workout environment and enjoy the many benefits this type of exercise offers. The right yoga swing will allow you to feel relaxed and at ease. It will provide a secure environment, free of possible injuries while being suspended upside down. We've gathered some of the best choices in the market now, to provide you everything you need to know about aerial swings.

What is Aerial Yoga, or Anti-Gravity Yoga?

Aerial yoga was originated in New York in the '90s and became popular all over the world since. It is not a specific style of yoga like Bikram or Ashtanga but rather incorporates different aspects of yoga and sometimes combines them with moves inspired by pilates, dance, and acrobatics.

In an aerial yoga practice, you'll be suspended in the air, sitting in a hammock made of strong material that can carry your body weight and much more. This is the starting point. Then you'll proceed to exercise various poses including ones that may seem intimidating such as inversions. You'll probably be surprised to realize that you're able to perform poses that you might have avoided on the ground. It is due to the unique nature of this workout that allows you to better open the hips and loosen the tight muscles in your body.

You can also think of it as a way of adding variety to your yoga practice and helping you expand your horizons by trying out extended moves.

This style of yoga is also referred to as anti-gravity yoga which is yet another way of saying aerial, meaning, you're executing various movements while off the ground.

What is a Yoga Swing?

A yoga swing is a device or prop used in aerial yoga. It's also known by other names such as yoga hammock or yoga trapeze. The swing is designed to support your body as you hang from it in various positions. Some of these poses might be less doable for you from the ground, so using a yoga swing allows you to not only achieve them but also go more in-depth and extend your poses.

Most swings or hammocks are made from strong, nylon based, material that has the capacity to hold at least 400 pounds on average.

All swings will have a hammock base where you'll sit during exercise but some may offer additional accessories. One popular addition is the handles designed to help you at your attempt to balance yourself on the swing.

How to Choose an Aerial Swing?

Being up in the air puts you at some risk. It’s important to find a swing that has all the right components to secure you and make you feel comfortable while being suspended. Be aware that getting a cheap swing might result in injury. Considering all that check the parameters below to assist you in choosing the right swing for you.

If after considering these factors you'll still find yourself hesitating, it's a good idea to go and try out a few. Aerial yoga classes are much more common nowadays and you can simply attend one to fine tune your yoga swing preferences.


This is one of the most important things to consider when buying a hammock for aerial yoga since this will be the primary thing that’ll keep your body up above ground. Choose a swing that’s made from premium quality material. The material has to be strong enough to carry you and also provide a comfortable soft feel against you body.

Many yoga swings are made from a material that is used for parachutes. It's a high-density nylon based material. Others use more stretchy materials that will have more "give". It's important to verify it's not too stretchy as it compromises the integrity of the swing and may impact your workout.


When buying a swing, check the dimensions to know if it can carry your body size comfortably. Swings or hammocks used for aerial yoga come in different sizes. Choose one with a width and length closest to what you need for conveniently accommodating you.


The fabric, the carabiners, the daisy chains or the ropes - all have a weight limit that should be followed at all times. Consider getting an aerial swing that’s at least twice greater than you currently weight to prevent accidents and injury. Always check the weight capacity before buying a hammock. Make sure it was stressed tested for its load capacity and it fits your weight requirements.


This is important especially if you want to practice aerial yoga in different parts of the house or outdoors. You may also travel often and wish to take your swing to maintain your practice while on the road. Choose a swing that’s easy to install and can be folded up. You may also want one that comes with a bag, so you can easily carry it or store it safely, away from the possibility of ripping it.


When hanging in the air, you'd probably feel much safer knowing that you purchased your swing from a company that stands by its products. A warranty is usually a clear sign of that. That's why it's vital that you check the warranty of all items in your purchase.

The yoga swings are usually designed to be durable, still, it's important to know that in case something breaks you have someone to talk to. Make sure to check what parts are covered as your swing has usually more parts than just the hammock itself.

In this video series Brett Larkin demonstrates using the yoga trapeze focusing on main benefits and showing how accessible this powerful tool is.

Benefits of Using Aerial Swings

Improves Cardiorespiratory Fitness

A study conducted by The American Council on Exercise (ACE) found that "Regular participation in Aerial Yoga improves cardiorespiratory fitness and positively modifies several major cardiovascular disease risk factors."
The participating women in this study didn't suffer from high blood pressure and yet a significant reduction in blood pressure was identified which was quite impressive.

Improves Flexibility and Strengthens Core

Being suspended in the air allows you to extend and deepen your postures. You get to move into new poses that were not accessible for you on the ground while engaging your entire body in an attempt to stay stable defying gravity. This unique combination both increases your flexibility and strengthens your core muscles.

Relieves Backaches

Suspending upside down frees your spine from being pulled down by gravity. Inversions are an excellent opportunity to lengthen the spine and release the pressure. The strain on your back is minimal this way, and you can unwind. This decompression and extension of the spine can help relieve backaches at least temporarily.

Uplifts Your Mood

Aerial yoga will trigger adrenaline rush because you are literally suspended in the air. This results in the release of “happy hormones” such as dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins, and especially serotonin, all of which promotes enthusiasm and overall good moods.

Improves Balance

Defying gravity can also be challenging. You are required to maintain balance and stabilize your self without staggering. According to your level, don't overstrain your self, you get to gradually improve your balance which can have a significant impact on your overall well-being.

Who Can Use an Aerial Swing?

The best thing about the aerial yoga swing is that anyone can use it. You don't need any prior experience so whether you're young or old, advanced or beginner yogi, strong or weak it doesn't matter. Still, if you suffer from any health condition, it's important to consult your physician. In general inversion therapy is less recommended for pregnant women for example.

The swing is designed to support your body at various positions. If you're new to this and don't feel stable enough, try opting for swings with handles that may increase your sense of balance.
But even as a beginner the swing will enable you to perform positions you probably couldn't on the ground. Being suspended from the swing allows you to go deeper into poses and broaden your motion boundaries. Just imagine how far you can get once your flexibility improves, and you develop a stronger core.

Installing Your Yoga Swing

It can be pretty overwhelming looking at an aerial swing for the first time. Hanging it at home may seem like an impossible task at first. You'll probably be surprised then, to find out that installing it can be quite easy. Hang it both indoors and outdoors and enjoy anti-gravity exercises anytime you choose. You no longer need to depend on studio time.

There are few common methods to hang your yoga swing. Some are hanging it from ceiling mounts, on an exposed beam or tree branch or from door frame bars. These methods are great space savers and don't take up too much area. However, if space is not an issue you can also hang it on a swing set or use a designated yoga trapeze stand.
Installing ceiling mounts is usually the most demanding method so make sure you use reliable equipment and if needed hire a contractor for professional assistance.

When you purchase a swing, it usually comes with installation instruction. You can also find a lot of information and demonstrations on Youtube. Make sure to carefully follow the instructions and start securely enjoying your inversions practice.

Our Recommended Yoga Swings

YogaTail Aerial Trapeze Swing

The YogaTail swing can make a superb addition to your yoga routine. It is available in three vivid, two-toned colors and designed using solid materials with guaranteed durability through a 5-year warranty. This sturdy swing can support up to 600 pounds according to the manufacturer.

​The entire set can be conveniently packed in a small bag that is part of the product which turns both storing and carrying it into an easy task. Actually, they provide two bags so you can separately store you daisy chains in case they get dirty. The swing set includes the robust hanging extension straps, the triple stitched parachute material, the carabiners, and the padded handles.

Easy to set up and install so you can comfortably enjoy the benefits of inversion therapy both at your home or outdoors.


  • Extra-strong materials to ensure durability
  • Check Circle
    Offers a 5-year warranty
  • You can choose from 3 optional colors
  • Includes two bags for ease of storage and mobility
  • Comes with a free e-book Instuction guide for beginners
  • Check Circle
    Easy installation
  • Check Circle
    100% Satisfaction Guarantee - get your money back if you're not pleased with the product


  • Was reported to have some issues with plastic handles that broke, and was quickly and satisfactorily resolved - both quality and customer service wise
  • exclamation-circle
    Not a lot of give to the material

This yoga trapeze by YOGABODY brings to your home the experience that is available in studios across the world. This is the same model, and you can now safely and comfortably enjoy it at your convenience.

The materials used are of top quality which is backed by the 10-year warranty offered. This is a full product guarantee, and they will replace any part or the entire set if necessary. The parachute material fabric was stress-tested to 600 pounds, and the carabiners are rock-climber grade. The carabiners are attached and hung using ropes so if you use a high beam or branch and you need to lower the swing you can extend it using your own rope.

The swing has three rubber grip handles that will help any yogi achieve even the most challenging forms, so just go ahead and start your anti-gravity training.


  • Easy to set up and install
  • Materials used are of top quality 
  • Includes a carry bag to store  or take outside
  • Comes with a yoga routine DVD
  • Unmatched quality assurance - 10 year warranty for all parts of the swing


  • The parachute material might not be strechy enough for some users

This carefully structured anti-gravity set by UpCircleSeven is constructed with an extra-strong triple stitched parachute material that has a load capacity of 550 pounds. Two extension straps allow you to adjust the height of the swing easily, and the handles are large and well padded for a better comfortable feel.

This swing set is featured in a variety of colors for you to choose. A carry bag is included so you can take it with you when traveling and use it both indoors and outdoors. For an easy setup use the pdf guide you receive when purchasing, it has all the required instructions.

It can be an attractive choice for you to enhance your inversion routine, whether you're a beginner or advanced yogi, and if you're not satisfied, you can have your money back with their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


  • Made of solid durable materials
  • Larger and thicker foam handles for enhanced comfort
  • Easily portable with the included carry bag
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Check Circle
    Comes with a 7-Year warranty according to the manufacturer site
  • Check Circle
    Offers a pdf yoga swing guide that can be helpful for beginners


  • Parachute material may not be strechy enough for some practitioners
  • Exclamation Circle
    Several complaints about missing pdf guides for both beginners and installation instucrions. Required contacting customer service

If you prefer just the yoga hammock without the hassle of extra hanging objects, then the Healthy Model Life aerial swing should be an ideal choice. This model offers a larger hammock than used in other swings (150" long and 110" wide) with a safe load capacity of 440 pounds.

This swing doesn’t come with handles. If you're just starting out you might find the handles beneficial as they provide some additional level of adjustment and support. However, it is up to you and your personal preferences.

The material used is silky soft and streches enough to allow you to move easily between positions. A carry bag is includede so you can simply take the swing anywhere and easily install it using the instruction video provided.


  • Stretchy and comfortable material
  • Includes a carry bag for ease of transportation
  • Easy to set up and install as it arrives ready to hang with the carabiners already attached to the hammock
  • Comes with a full aerial yoga class to get you started right away
  • Extra large size hammock
  • Check Circle
    One year guarantee


  • Exclamation Circle
    Doesn’t come with handles for those who may need that support
  • Exclamation Circle
    Was reported to be too strechy sometimes which should be resolved after washing
  • Exclamation Circle
    Several complaints about missing pre-setup of the carabiners to the swing

The Wellsem aerial yoga swing is yet another excellent option for you if you are looking for a hammock based stretchy swing without extra accessories such as the handles. It is made of nylon tricot with low vertical stretch and high horizontal stretch. That was explicitly designed, so the fabric gives just enough stretch as required to move comfortably.

Its max capacity is up to 2000 pounds and the carabiners and daisy chains are all climbing-standards certified. It's not set up upon arrival, but you will receive a guide with all the instructions required to ensure a safe and secure set-up.

With such a variety of magnificently rich colors, it's hard to choose from but once you do you can start enjoying your aerial workout or just easily cocoon or lay flat in it.


  • Easy to install
  • Check Circle
    The material offers a stretch that is just right for comfortable, natural movement
  • Check Circle
    A carry bag is included for easy travel or storage
  • Check Circle
    A detailed knot and installation guide is included
  • Check Circle
    You can fully lay or cocoon in it
  • Check Circle
    You get to choose from a variety of beautifully vivid colors


  • No pre-setup. You are required to tie the knots yourself according to the instructions
  • Exclamation Circle
    If you're new to aerial yoga, you might benefit from supportive handles which this swing doesn't offer

Our Pick


Between the five swings reviewed, we choose the YOGABODY Trapeze. For one, YOGABODY Naturals is one of the top manufacturers for these kinds of products and is often selected as a favorite among many yoga practitioners for its qualities. We especially appreciate the 10-year full parts warranty emphasizing how much the manufacturer stands by this product.

This swing is very easy to install and is easy to work with. We like the fact that it gives you more than enough support so that it doesn’t overstrain you.

As with many gym and yoga equipment, it is necessary to figure out what to look for when buying your anti-gravity yoga swing. Hopefully, our tips and reviews above will help you decide and start enjoying your aerial yoga workout.