The Best Yoga Mat Bags & Choosing The Right One For You

If you’ve been practicing yoga for a while now, you must have realized that owning a mat is essential to ensure your needs are fulfilled. Carrying it around then is a different game. It can be cumbersome, incredibly inconvenient and leave you frustrated. Finding your right yoga mat bag can take the frustration out of the equation.

Yoga mat bags have evolved since the simple carrying strap, and now you can find a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and structures. In addition to the primary function of carrying your mat, they offer space for your additional gear and essentials.

In this article, we review some of the best yoga mat bags in the market. But let's start by checking the factors that may impact your decision.

Choosing your yoga mat bag

When buying a yoga mat bag, check out what parameters you’d probably take into account.


The material used to make the yoga mat bag will determine the characteristics of the bag. As such, the material should be durable, odor proof, and water resistant. You don’t want a bag that will wear out after just a few uses or one that will retain funky odor.

Since the bag is bound to get dirty and need some cleaning, you’d expect a material that is easy to wash and maintain.


The size of the yoga mat bag you go for will vary based on the size of your mat. The standard yoga mat size is 68” long and 24” wide, but you can find ones that are bigger or smaller based on your preferences. You’ll, therefore, need to know the size of your yoga mat before proceeding to purchase the bag of your choice.

If you carry additional gear or some personal stuff the size of your desired bag would vary accordingly.

The structure of the bag

The purpose of the yoga mat bag is to overcome the inconvenience of lugging your yoga mat so you’d expect the bag to be easy to carry. This is where the bag straps come in handy. You can wear them like a backpack or over your shoulder. Straps can have added padding for comfort and can even be reinforced for durability.

If you end up carrying a variety of your essentials to yoga class, either due to a tight schedule or just because you prefer so, you’d probably opt for a yoga bag that features multiple pockets. This way you’ll be able to accommodate your stuff: keys, phone, water bottle, wallet, etc. In this scenario, the more pockets a bag contains, the better.

Some yoga mat bags even come fitted with a wet liner where you can store your sweaty clothes after every workout and still keep your bag odor proof and sweat resistant.

There is a wide variety of closure systems that are used for yoga mat bags. Some come with zippers, and others use string or Velcro for secure lock up. You can also find yoga mat bags without closure at all if you prefer easy in and out use.
If the bag contains various pockets aimed to carry your essentials they should have a proper securing system to keep everything safe as you walk or travel.

One more thing to note, structure wise, is the way your mat is put in and taken out. Whether it is shaped like a sack with closing at the top or has a zipper across it or just rolled and wrapped around your mat – choose the option that fits you most.

Our Recommended Yoga Mat Bags

This sling bag offers more than just a mat carrier. It comes with a specialized mat locker system to hold your mat effectively in place so you can carry it around conveniently when walking, biking or traveling. It is designed with two larger compartments where your yoga gear can easily fit (block, strap, towel, etc…) and another small zippered pocket, so your valuables are secured.

The comfortably padded shoulder strap is adjustable for your height, has a phone pocket for your convenience and is secured with a locking buckle.
The side water bottle pocket will help you stay hydrated during your workout program.

It even features a solution for your sweaty clothes if you wish to change after the workout. They can be fitted in the front flap pocket that has a custom-made wet liner, so your bag remains odor free. 


  • The strap is padded and adjustable for comfort while carrying your yoga gear on the back
  • The wet liner ensures that the yoga mat bag does not stink when sweaty clothes are stored in it
  • It comes with small and larger compartments where you can store a variety of items, ranging from your computer to small things like keys
  • check-circle
    Multifunctional- You can use the bag for a variety of other uses other than carrying your yoga gear
  • check-circle
    The material is durable and can be easily cleaned


  • It might not be ideal if your yoga mat weighs more than 5 lbs
  • exclamation-circle
    The zipper pulls tend to detach from the zipper in some instances

Yogiii Large Yoga Mat Bag features a simple design that minimizes the complexity of storing your yoga gear. It will comfortably fit all types and sizes of yoga mats so even if your mat is on the broad side it will fit in this bag. Its one main compartment structure allows more space for two yoga mats or a combination of a yoga mat and additional gear such as yoga block, yoga towel, water bottle, or other yoga gear you wish to carry. It also has a small side pocket for smaller accessories like your phone and keys.

Although the stitching and seaming features a single layer, it is perfectly done for strength to hold more items. It is made with 8oz cotton canvas for durability. This also renders the yoga mat bag super lightweight for ease of handling even after a tedious workout routine.


  • It’s large enough to fit two yoga mats alongside a variety of other yoga gear
  • Its design is simple to allow you to store, remove, and carry your yoga gear easily
  • The over the shoulder straps are nice and wide for comfort as you swing the bag
  • check-circle
    It is lightweight for ease of carrying and extremely durable


  • No zippers or fasteners so your items may not be entirely protected while in the bag
  • exclamation-circle
    No division to compartments or separation of stored items. You simply toss in everything that doesn't fit in the small side pocket
  • exclamation-circle
    Your valuables are not secured in the small pocket and can easily fall from it 

This yoga mat bag is made of a soft 100% cotton, and the construction is well detailed for durability. It comes in a variety of design patterns and colors. It features an adjustable shoulder strap so you can customize the bag length to your liking. It’s designed with a full zip closure so you can quickly get your yoga mat in and out of the bag. Its wide enough to fit a variety of yoga mat sizes, so you’re probably good to go even if your mat is a bit larger than standard.

The front cargo pocket is super convenient as you can carry your yoga gear alongside other workout’s not large enough to fit a yoga block but your yoga strap will fit nicely. So will your other valuables. It also comes with a back pocket that will adequately hold your phone.


  • It’s designed with shoulder strap that is super strong and adjustable , which render the bag easy to carry around
  • This yoga mat bag will fit just about all standard yoga mats
  • All compartments can be sealed either by zipper or velcro to keep your yoga mat and other items secure
  • check-circle
    It has multiple compartments so you can easily carry your yoga gear and your valuables
  • check-circle
    Can be easily washed to keep it clean


  • This yoga mat bag may be a bit small if you would like to bring along your laptop, workout clothes, yoga blocks etc.

This yoga mat bag features an exclusive design that opens flat just like a garment bag. This way, you'll be able to make use of the separate compartment for storage of clothes before or after yoga. Once done your mat, no matter the size can be quickly wrapped by the Rollback using its adjustable buckled straps.

The eight separate storage compartments: mat sling, clothing section, phone/I.D pocket with a zipper, bottle caddy, and two cargo pockets that are divided will allow you to carry all your yoga gear and essential items with ease.

The yoga mat bag features a micro-ballistic exterior that renders the bag super durable. This is complemented by the nylon lining that is both water and stain resistant. The lining makes cleaning of the bag super easy since you'll only need a wipe down.


  • This yoga mat bag is made with a highly durable material that is also lightweight and easy to clean
  • It has multiple storage spaces that fit most of your yoga gear
  • The design fits multiple items yet is compact for ease of portability
  • check-circle
    The nylon lining allows you to store sweaty clothes after yoga without worrying about them smelling
  • check-circle
    The bag has high-quality zippers that will keep your yoga gear safe and secure


  • exclamation-circle
    Reaching the zippered clothes compartment is a bit cumbersome as it requires unrolling the bag and removing your yoga mat first
  • This yoga mat bag may not be ideal for for you if you wish to carry items like yoga blocks

This is the right yoga mat bag for you if you are looking for a minimal compact solution that offers quality, convenience, and durability. It is designed to fit all types of yoga mats thanks to the adjustable straps. You can use them to adjust the bag based on the thickness and length of your mat. The quick release buckles render the bag a whole lot convenient.

The shoulder strap can be adjusted to match your height, and it's wide enough for comfort. You can keep your valuables secure in the zippered front pocket.
And you can easily maintain it as It's made with 100 percent polyester, which is not only long lasting but also lightweight and easy to clean.


  • It features a compact design that is highly portable and nice a strap that makes it easy to carry
  • It comes with an extra pocket where you can store a wide variety of valuables like phone, keys etc.
  • The adjustable straps make it a viable solution for carrying all mat sizes
  • check-circle
    Is it extremely durable and easy to clean


  • It can’t fit larger personal objects or additional yoga gear (towel , blocks etc...).
  • exclamation-circle
    No designated space for a water bottle

Our Pick

Hotdog Yoga Rollpack

There you have it. We hope you can use this article to help you identify the yoga mat bag that best meets your needs. However, we can't say goodbye without revealing our choice- the Hotdog Yoga Rollpack.

We consider it the whole package solution. First and most important it can carry any sized mat you have. But it's much more than just a yoga mat bag. You can carry a variety of your essentials and yoga gear in its eight compartment storage. And not only that but its special design let you pack your before, and after yoga clothes in a garment style compartment, so you’re good to just squeeze in a yoga class even when your schedule is tight.
It’s also made from a highly durable material which can be easily cleaned and with all its functionality it’s still lightweight so you can conveniently carry it with you.